Writer's Block: Tea for two
If you could spend a day with any fictional character, who would it be and what would the two of you do?
Tea with the Doctor: First of all, we'd not be having tea on this silly old planet. Not a chance! And, once we found a good tea house in the stars, we'd discuss the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. I would beg to be a companion, an unimposing little girl who would take in the wonders of the universe without any preconcieved notions of what ought to be. I would ask for nothing more than that: to travel with the doctor through space and time forever a child without the jadedness of age, without the handicap of lust or prejudice. I'd just ask to be the perfect student of the doctor, forever with an open and curious mind. He'd be my beloved teacher, and I would never complicate things by falling in love or getting hormonal on him. I'd be ten years old, a perfect and curious age, forever.

Seborga X Wy


It was no secret what Wy Delprat had a nation sized crush on Matthew Williams. She'd fallen instantly in love with that soft voice, those dreamy blue-violet eyes, and she'd always been a sucker for an ahoge. The problem was that not only was her love for him somewhat obsessive and creepy, but Canada was otherwise occupied... and too old for her. So, many heartbroken hours she spent painting portrait after portrait of her beloved Canadian, only to find that this practice frightened and alienated most other nations... except for Belarus who'd commissioned Wy to paint a couple portraits of Russia.

Then, there was Sealand, another conundrum. She'd almost considered attempting a romance with Sealand for a while, until he'd admitted his strange feelings for another boy, and that was that. On the advice of France, she'd attempted to expand her horizons by connecting with Korea, but that little romantic misadventure had ended in flat rejection. And, all the while her heart remained with Canada. She'd spied on his movements for a while, before the law and humiliation had taken the fun out of that. In the end, as always, she found herself quite alone other than her air-headed best-friend Sealand. Not to give the impression that she didn't love Sealand dearly, but it was a different sort of love, the kind that permitted her to think he was an idiot and still adore him. Sealand was as gay as a unicorn. Canada would be better off without her, and everyone else found her a bit irritating. So, it comes as little surprise that she soon became rather depressed with her prospects.

And, no sooner had she begun to contemplate her place in the world than she was nearly run over by a bike in the park near her "house" (which was really just a shed in Australia's back yard that she'd fixed up to be her own bedroom and art studio). And, who should be on the bike, but the youngest Vargas brother-- Seborga. After screaming at her old friend to watch where he was going before he killed someone, Wy ended up at Seborga's house, admiring his vast collection of French films. Seborga was playing a video-game and swearing colorfully while Wy picked through the films and finally made a selection.

"Can I watch this one Emilio?"

"Sure, sure, whatever you want..."

And, of course it turned out to be porn.

There was a moment of silent shock before they decided, at once, not to turn off the film and to simply ignore it. Wy's heart twisted against her ribcage as their lips met and she found herself pinned to Seborga's bed.

"Oh." She was all she managed to say before his mouth was upon her again, clashing hungrily until they were both oxygen starved.


Why she hadn't ever thought of it before, she couldn't imagine. Now that she thought back, he'd always been there too-- Seborga, the kid who'd promised to hit on her as soon as he grew a few inches taller. Sealand was her ditsy best friend, yes, but Seborga had always been a good playmate too. But, it felt like treason in a way, after having been obsessed with Canada for so long. But, Seborga was magnetic, and it wasn't as if she would simply forget Canada. It wasn't as if he reciprocated her feelings at all. But, still...

It wasn't worth agonizing over, she decided, smiling as Seborga squeezed her hand. It was a chilly October morning and they'd begun holding hands on the premise of sharing warmth. As they passed Spain's house they separated quickly, not wishing to be the subject of speculation just yet. But, once they were at a safe distance, they reconnected massaging each-others palms to make up for the lost contact.

"What does this make us?" Wy said, as they reached Australia's house.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't be thick." Wy said, casting a mildly disapproving look in Seborga's direction, only to have it melted away by affection. "You know what I mean."

Seborga crossed his arms and rolled his eyes about the sky in concentration before settling his gaze upon Wy's blushing face. "What do you want us to be?"

Wy's left foot toed at the ground, a symptom of her nervousness. "Well, maybe we could be boyfriend and girlfriend?" She managed.

"Sounds good to me."

"That's not the enthusiastic answer I was hoping for."

He kissed her. "It sounds great, Wy. Just relax, you're always so wound up."

She found herself avoiding his eyes, and pressed herself into his warm chest. "Okay." She whispered.

"Are you crying?" Seborga's voice betrayed his disbelief, but it wasn't a judgement.

"No, of course I'm not..." Wy insisted, blinking furiously. "My eyes are watering from the cold."

"Ah, if you say so." He held her close. "Relax, just relax. I'm not here to judge you."

"I know."

"Then, breathe. You look like you're going to pass out."

"I'm not!" She lied.

"It's going to be okay." He insisted. "Now, you're going to go home to some shit that you don't want me to know about, but I want you to remember that whatever it is I'm not going to judge you for it. I don't want you to try to be someone else for me. I like you for you, not for someone else you think you have to be."

She'd waited a long time for someone to say something like that to her, and she hadn't even known that she'd been waiting. "Alright." She said.

"You've been quiet all night, I know there's something bothering you, and I want to help. I can't force you to tell me, but I can't help you unless you tell me. I want you to feel comfortable with me. Don't hide things, just because you don't want to be a burden. You're not a burden to me, okay?"

"Okay." She sniffed, and into his delicious smelling neck she mumbled. "What'd I do to deserve you?"

Seborga snorted at that, and held her away from him for a moment. "Wy, look at me. Don't be afraid, I wont hurt you. I need you to look at me for a second."

And with difficulty she did. "Y-yeah?"

"You are beautiful. I feel so lucky to have you for a friend, I'm lucky to have you for anything. Okay? Stop being so down on yourself. You are a beautiful person."

She wanted to ask him how many times he'd said these things to someone, but she needed so much to believe that he meant what he said that she could say nothing at all.


That night she took a good look at herself in the mirror and tried to find some of the good qualities Seborga had seen in her. She thought she saw a hint of that kindness in the curve of her small twisted lips. She'd been crying, and she didn't know why. Her knees had been shaking by the time he'd left her. Australia had attempted to speak to her but she'd mumbled something about being tired before skipping dinner and retiring to her "house" in the back yard. She was happy, being told such kind things could only produce happiness, right?

But, she found herself painting by the dim light of her bedside lamp. The picture didn't speak of happiness. "What a waste." She said to herself. Seborga was wasting his kind words on a person who couldn't be happy, who couldn't open herself up to him. She was afraid of something. As her thoughts wandered her brush flew across the canvas and when she came back to herself she recognized a scene that she'd painted many times before. It was that helplessness she couldn't ever quite do justice in paint. She tore at it with the nearest pair of scissors and found herself out of breath, trembling as she clutched the shredded canvas to her chest.

No one had touched her in years, and suddenly there was Seborga, promising to fix her. "No, no, no, no, no..." She was chanting under her breath. Sometimes she thought it'd all been a nightmare, the memories of the first touch she'd known.

She'd looked up the word "rape" in a dictionary and tried to find a hint of that brutality in the definition, but only found empty technical terms. No consolation. How could she give herself to Seborga when she'd already been taken, tainted? She'd never trust a soul in her life again, his affections would be wasted on her. She considered calling him up to call off their "date" in the morning, but he sent her a text message before she could form a coherent sentence to use.

"Hey, you hanging in there? Cheer up, you are beautiful. Time heals. I can't wait to see you. -E.V."


She felt supremely awkward standing alone in Starbucks, waiting. Then, there he was, smiling reassuringly, and she melted into a sloppy grin. "Hi."

The movie they saw that night was a ridiculous horror flick. The actions of the mindless characters had been all too predictable. Wy found herself rooting for the serial-killer about half way through the film, and when she told Seborga he'd laughed in agreement.

"Kind of makes you wish he'd just kill them all and get it over with." Seborga said, in reference of course to the mediocre acting.

Then, the film was over and they tumbled out the door with their wobbly theater legs and it looked like it was going to rain.

"What are you thinking?" He asked her.

"Happy thoughts." She reassured him, and she meant it this time, possibly for the first time in memory. "How about you?"

He shrugged in response. "I was thinking maybe we should get out of this rain before you catch pneumonia."

"Good answer."

They wound up at his place first and there they sat with their mugs of hot chocolate, watching the news on a massive television screen, their damp limbs squeaking against the black leather of the couch. Wy imitated the nasal tone of the female news caster, and they muted the volume at a commercial break, making up their own dialogs to go with the scenes.

"Side effects include death, destruction, and uncontrollable smiling." Seborga said in a high voice, as a blonde woman attempted to sell them one-a-day vitamins.  "Look, Ma! No hands!" It was all pretty terrible and cheesy but they dissolved into tired giggles at the slightest provocation. It'd been a long day and they were both comfortably exhausted.

"Can I stay here tonight?" Wy asked, without thinking.

Seborga didn't assume anything, and said, "Of course you can.", before lending her a giant tee-shirt to wear to bed. Seborga had the house to himself most of the time, since Feliciano practically lived with Germany and Lovino was always with Spain. It was quiet except for the sound of rain on the rooftop.

Wy was laying on Emilio's bed when he walked in with a guitar, with a sheepish grin on his face. "I was wondering, Wy, would you mind if I played you a song?"

Wy's heart contracted with affection. "Of course, I'd love to hear it!"

And he sang to her, in Italian of course, so she hadn't a clue as to what he was saying, but it was beautiful all the same. Seborga had a sweet voice, not like something off a record, but better in many ways. It was organic, uncultivated by lessons or tainted by a studio's machinery. Wy realized that she'd never been sung to before, and the intimacy of it brought tears to her eyes.

"Thank you, thank you so much." She said when he was done.

He blushed at the pure gratitude, and said "Think nothing of it."

But, she thought of it as she drifted off to sleep, encircled by his now familiar scent. She was happy.


In the morning she returned home to shower and dress, and was met by a smirking Australia on her way in. He had a knowing look about him, but he said nothing much to her relief. She left Seborga standing outside, and felt guilty for it, but couldn't afford to let him see her room as it was: a shrine to Canada.

It took a moment, as she gazed at the images of that long adored face, before she tore them down, and put them into a suitcase full of things of the past. Canada would always have a place in her heart, but at long last she felt she was ready to move on.


She met Emilio in the afternoon, feeling refreshed by the spring breeze, there was a glow about her now that had been missing before. Seborga saw it, but said nothing except, "Hello, Beautiful." Which earned him a playful swat, but there was love in Wy's eyes. And there was something else too; trust. It was trust of herself, trust of him, trust in life to turn out for the better. They'd been together for a few months, and Wy could really care less about how far they had yet to go together. "You've still not even made it past that base!" Sealand had frequently reminded her, but he didn't know what it was like to be with someone without the pressure of expectations.

They were going to meet Sealand then, as a matter of fact. It was supposed to be a sort of "double date" according to Sealand. Wy had long since realized that those terms "dating" and "progress" were imaginary benchmarks made by children who had no other way to measure the legitimacy of their relationships. Wy didn't care if they never went anywhere else in their relationship, so long as they were both happy, and Seborga had made it quite clear that he was in it for more than sex. The fact that they hadn't gone that far yet was just further evidence of their contentment to grow up together. Someday, maybe, they'd be ready for the sort of thing mentally and emotionally, but for now they were contented to be as they were.

"You are both so old fashioned." Sealand had often complained, but they knew things he had yet to learn.

Sometimes Wy wished she could reach out her arms and hug the world. If it were possible she would share her happiness with every living soul on the planet.

"Hey," Whispered Seborga, "What are you thinking of?"


"Stupid couples." Seborga muttered, kicking an empty can of Coke down the sidewalk as he made his way home. The park was full of them, couples kissing and hugging and talking to each other like nothing else in the world mattered. "Stupid Wy... stupid Seborga..." He sighed, feeling infinitely sorry for himself. They'd left him just like that, after the movie. So what, he didn't like being a third wheel anyway. His stupid date hadn't shown up, and he couldn't even remember what he'd seen in that guy anyway.

He was thinking of how tragic it would be if he died right then, young and alone and unloved, when he was very nearly killed by a bike.

He'd fallen on the grass, fortunately, and the guy on the bike had stopped at least. To be quite honest, the guy looked terrified. "I'm so, so sorry! Are you okay? I'm so stupid, I was just in a rush... and I wasn't paying attention. Are you hurt? Oh my god, I'm so sorry!"

Maybe the fall had jumbled up his brains a little, because the first thing Sealand thought was that the guy was really good looking. "Hi..." He said. "I'm Sealand. My leg hurts."

"Oh my god, I think it's broken!" The guy said, his voice climbing to a hysterical pitch. "Oh my god, I'm so so sorry, look, here I'm going to call for help, and then we'll go to the hospital okay? Oh my god... Russia is going to kill me. Why am I so stupid?" The boy pulled out a cell phone and was dialing away while Sealand watched him.

"What's your name?" Sealand asked. His senses were numbed by the pain, and he couldn't stop himself from asking.

The boy all but jumped out of his skin. "Oh! I'm L-Latvia..." He began to speak to the emergency services on the phone and Sealand smiled even as the world began to spin around him.

(extra bit)


"Can't leave you alone for a second!" Wy said as Sealand opened his eyes.

"Am I in the hospital?" He wondered.

"No! You are dead, this is obviously what heaven looks like!" Wy said sarcastically over the whirs and beepings of many machines. "It's a good thing this guy bothered to get help for you, or we'd have never found you. Why didn't you go straight home the way you said you would?" Wy wanted to know, but Sealand was distracted by the guy Wy had pointed to.

"Latvia?" Sealand said.

Latvia gave him a nervous smile. "I'm so sorry, for everything, Sealand. I'll be paying for the damage, I promise."

Sealand waved him off with a little flick of the wrist, while Wy looked about to explode for being ignored. "It's fine. It's just good to see you."

"Oh-- thanks." Latvia said.

"Oh, and what am I? Your nurse? I've been here all night, Sealand!" Wy said.

Sealand smiled. "Yeah, who are you again?" He said with a humor filled look.

"Glad I lost sleep over you..." Wy sighed, the irritation mostly gone.

Seborga walked in and took a seat beside Wy. "Ah, you're awake."

"So it would seem." Sealand said.

"Tell me we can leave him here." Wy whined.

"Actually, I think I'll be okay." Sealand said.


Sealand glanced over at Latvia for a moment, and then back at Wy. "I said, you guys can go now, I think I'll be okay."

"What do they have him on?" Wy inquired to a passing nurse.

Seborga, however seemed to get what Sealand meant. "He's a big boy, he'll be alright." He said, kissing Wy's temple.

She melted under his touch. "If you say so... but you're both insane." And, then they got up to leave. Wy shot back one final disapproving look before they left. Sealand chuckled, and Latvia twisted about in discomfort.

"Do you want me to go too?" Latvia said, uncertainly.

"No!" Sealand said quickly. "Actually, I wanted to talk to you for a bit."

"If there is anything else I can do to make up for---"

"Not about that." Sealand smiled. "Actually..."

The Problem With Having Short Haircuts
My mum thinks I'm a lesbian. And what brought her to this conclusion? My hair. I like to have, what I consider a flapper bob-- a short flapper bob at that, and to my mum that is one step above getting a sex change. It doesn't help that I've always dressed like a boy and have always been more of a videogamer and less of a shopper. Okay, I'll admit that I used to play Pokemon with the boys while my more feminine friends discussed their future husbands over a tea party. But, that doesn't mean I like girls right? I mean, aside from slightly androgynous hipster girls like Ellen Page, but that doesn't count right? Or, maybe my mum knows me better than I do?

Writer's Block: Take Two
In the next life, who or what do you think you’ll be reincarnated into?
I'll be a little boy who likes people and does well in school, because I am none of those things.

Writer's Block: Home sweet hometown
What do you like best about your city or hometown? What do you want to change?
Diversity's nice, Smog is lame, It's fine by the beach, But, wish it would rain.

The Time Traveler's Dad(s)- Part 3

Part 1

Part 2


Sasha was tucked into an overly-long flannel shirt. It would have been cute, with her bright yellowish-hazel eyes and elegant Eurasian features, if she hadn't been talking non-stop for two hours, attempting to relay every detail of the week Tiber had missed.

"It's getting late guys, how about we go to bed now?" Tiber suggested, after waking with a jolt for the fifth time that evening.

"Yeah, and then we'll get an early start!" Aliya added brightly to an unconvinced looking Sasha, who frowned but yawned in spite of herself.

"G'night!" Gavin agreed brightly, already at home in a biobed. They'd been lead into a room that the grumpy doctor had called 'Château du Kirk', so it was only fitting that Tiber got first pick of a bed. Tiber was never one to take the 'easy' or 'practical' way out, so rather than simply asking for another cot, he resolved to spend the night on the floor while little Sasha and Aliya shared the pull out mattress-sofa. He considered himself a chivalrous young man, willing to make noble sacrifices for his friends' comfort.

Aliya expressed her gratitude with a sleepy, "You'll freeze you idiot.", before giving up and sinking into oblivion.

She was right. The ground was hard and Tiber found himself shivering before long. He tucked his legs into his star fleet issue p.j.s before falling asleep in the fetal position. He dreamed of his mother's warm familiar smelling bed.


When he awoke, Tiber was alone in the room though the evidence of his companions' presence remained scattered over the room-- a broken teleportable was laying open and in several pieces by Gavin's bed, one of Sasha's light blue hair-ribbons had fallen under the pull-out bed and now lay at the edge of the couch. Then, there was Aliya's journal, laying invitingly on the nightstand.

She'd kill him slowly and painfully if she knew what he was doing. It felt like an invasion of privacy; it was an invasion of privacy, a majorly awful, thoughtless, inconsiderate, irresponsible invasion of privacy; but the thrill of the crime was half of the fun. He was sweating with adrenaline by the time he finished scanning the first page, and then he closed the book and tried his best not to run out of the room.

The writing had been detailed and honest, and very much Aliya.

Told Mother about Sasha's minor crisis, and she was unsurprisingly unsurprised. Father and I had a secret conversation over dinner and it took all of my restraint not to laugh. Mother had company over; just some old gossiping friends of hers, aunties with outrageous fingernails and unnatural hair. While they "I know"-ed sympathetically over so-and-so's misfortunes with the usual barely contained glee of hearing bad news, Father and I projected our thoughts across the table.

He was thinking "so-and-so must appreciate their concern" sarcastically, while I mentally mimicked their "how terrrrrrible!", when Tiber called and asked to come over. He sounded strange over the phone, and I judged that he was in a worse way than he was letting on, so I excused myself from dinner in the most nauseatingly polite and girly way possible, since those women only hear me when I speak in a high girly voice two octaves above tolerable, and he was already at the back door.

It was raining like the dickens and he was only wearing a thin school zip-up sweater and his jeans were holding a small lakes worth of precipitation. I wanted to hug him so badly when I saw his face, that empty expression he gets sometimes when things get too bad and his mind has to get away for a while. It scared me to see him like that, and I couldn't look at him after that, even when his clothes were in the dryer and he was sitting wrapped up in one of my bath robes looking like a tired drag-prince, I couldn't. But, then he asked me what time it was, and I did and then I burst out laughing at the sight of him, and he turned red and fidgeted like he wanted to be somewhere else. I felt terrible release as I laughed, it was crazy laughter, sort of unfunny and frightening in a way, and he saw it was too but he still looked uncomfortable, and then somewhere in-between I started crying too, and then I was sobbing and clutching the hem of that ridiculous pink robe and wishing everyone downstairs would go home and stop laughing and pretending to care about people they hated, that everything was good in the world, and my brother would come home from college and my mother would stop looking into his room like somebody died in there, and then I just wanted it all to be better for Tiber and that he still had a dad and his mom wouldn't drink anymore and he'd never come to school in clothes that were worn out and unwashed, that he'd never have to walk to my house in the rain because his mom was passed out drunk and wouldn't open the door to the house. I wished with all my heart that Tiber could be happy, and prayed to all the gods I knew, and then Tiber was petting my head like I was the one who had been locked out of the house and had no father.

He couldn't read anymore after that. There was a bathroom not far from the room, and he ducked in before anyone could see him and know that he'd been crying. He waited for a long time in front of the mirror and didn't go to breakfast until he was completely sure that the redness was gone from his face.


Sasha was chattering animatedly to a young ensign while Aliya sipped hot cocoa out of a star fleet mug with a vacant early-morning look. Gavin was attempting to stuff a foot-long sub into his mouth while following every word of a conversation held by group of engineering crew.

"You're up early." Aliya greeted Tiber, with a tired smile that was unusual to see on such a young face. "Did you see the doctor?" He hadn't. "Well, he was looking for you earlier, so you'd better see if you can catch him. It sounded pretty important."

He snorted. "Probably thinks I'm not bonding enough."

"With whom?"

"My dad."

Sasha stopped talking and turned around to stare, and Gavin choked on a hunk of bread.

"Your dad?" Aliya said, skeptically. "You mean to say that you've met your dad?"

Tiber looked away uncomfortably. "Well, yeah... I kind of had to."

"Tiber! You weren't supposed to do anything that might jeopardize the timeline!"

"Honestly, Aliya, we interrupted the timeline the moment we set foot on this ship. It's not like we didn't see the possibility. And, what we do here, " he made a general sweeping motion with his arms, "doesn't mean anything to us."

"What do you mean?" Aliya said, icily. "Of course it does. Anything we do here could disrupt the timeflow if we're not careful. One wrong move and -poof!- we're gone, never even existed. What the hell do you think you're saying?"

"Ali, listen to me. This isn't the same place that we came from. We're in a parallel universe of some sort. I wouldn't ever have existed here, even if we hadn't come."

"And, how could you know that? My parents are here, Sasha and Gavin have both seen their dads, of course this is the right place! You've seen your dad, what could possibly indicate to you that we are anywhere but the past?"

"My mum isn't here."

"Have you double checked your dates? Maybe she's not here yet? Maybe you just don't recognize her, or something. It's a big ship, you couldn't know that for sure."

"I've checked the computer."

"Again, she might not be here now, but she might be later."

"That doctor? We've done testing on my DNA and compared it to the rest of the crew. The tests show that that doctor has to be my mum's identical twin... except he's a male and doesn't have a sister. There's no record of my mum in star fleet, but that doctor is everywhere she should be. He's filled in all the gaps, date of birth... major events, everything. My mum doesn't exist...and he's filled in her place in this timeline. Don't you get it, Ali? We don't make any difference here as far as our futures are concerned...this isn't our past."

Gavin sprang to his feet, upsetting a glass of replicated orange juice. "That's it!"

"What's it?" Aliya said, irritably as she attempted to keep the pool of oj from reaching her side of the table.

"We're in a parallel universe!" He explained excitedly in a conspiratorial hush. "I cannae believe it... but it's th' only thing tha makes any sense!"

"And what, pray tell, are you basing your conclusion on?"

Gavin babbled incoherently as he attempted to sketch out his theory on the back of a napkin. And so-and-so's theory of such-and-such was "rubbish!" and, finally, he breathed. "And tha's why we cannae go home! It's a wee bit premature tae say th' least, but it's jist beginnin' to tae make any sense in ma ain head! Jist some time tae gie intae th' details an' we'll see exactly why we woond up here!"

"Slow down! Speak English!" Aliyah demanded, impatiently. Gavin's accent always grew more pronounced when he was excited, and he became near indecipherable at times.

"In simple terms: there isnae anythin' wrong wi' our teleportables, in thes universe we haven' got nowhere tae go back tae! Th' teleportables willnae take us tae place tha don't exist!"

"In other words, we're fucked." Tiber translated, helpfully.

"I wanna go home." Sasha whimpered.

Aliya sighed. "Time to think."


Pretending not to know their parents proved a challenge, especially for Sasha who was terribly homesick and wished nothing more than to curl up in Hikaru Sulu's arms. Seeing her father, a younger version of her father as he was, only made her miss home even more. It was like the man was there just to remind her that she was far away from home and might never see her own father again. Her mother was nowhere to be found, and this was a relief and worried her at the same time.  What if she never existed?

Sasha's eyes filled with tears before she could stop them when she thought about her parents. She hated looking like a baby, but she couldn't help it.

"It's going to be fine, Sasha. Gavin is working it all out now, we'll be home in no time." Aliya said in a soothing voice that had no place in even a quarter-vulcan. Aliya was incredible like that. Sasha wished she had a sister like Aliya, but then remembered that Aliya was already her sister at heart, and she felt warmer and less alone for a while.


Sasha cornered the Captain one day, using her doll-like charm alone to buy herself a moment. "You're lonely." She said with a surprised little crinkle of the brow. "You're on a ship full of people who adore you, people who would die for you."

"Excuse me?"

"You were just speaking with your best friend in the world, but you are filled with loneliness. Why are you so sad?" Sasha sunk to her knees, grimacing as if in physical pain. "You love him, but you are so sad with him. You don't make any sense..."

"Who?" Kirk's face betrayed his alarm, while his voice remained even.

"Your grumpy doctor. You're different around him, he makes you happy but you're always so sad about him. What is it about the doctor that makes you so sad?"

"I don't know what you mean." Kirk tried to lie, but his uneasy stance betrayed him. Sasha could read body language too well to miss the instant of sadness that had flashed across his face before he could produce a smile.

"You can't hide it from me, you know. You're feelings are very pronounced, they're practically yelling at this very moment. It's almost like you're pining away for someone...like Tiber feels sometimes when he misses something that he is missing in his life, like when his mother talks about you, actually, and he sees you but knows he can never be your son, because you aren't there. It's like you are sick with want for something you can never had that is just out of reach, it feels so hopeless... does he remind you of someone or..." She lifted a tiny hand and placed it on the Captain's chest, like she was feeling his pulse. "...it's him isn't it?"

"Who? What do you mean?" He played innocent in a light joking manner, but there was something else behind it that Sasha could see clearly now. The color had drained from his face, and he was angling his body in the way one does as they are planning an escape.

"That doctor." She blinked, as if seeing him for the first time. "You're in love with him, aren't you?"


Those days were hell for Tiber, who was used to taking charge of the situation. Not only did he feel helpless with his fate in the hands of another person; even a trusted one like Gavin; but he felt completely useless. He moped around the ship like a depressed Zombie, annoying everyone in his path. Eventually, Gavin got the brilliant idea to enlist the help of the ship's chief engineer. But, then again that man also happened to be Gavin's father who wasn't supposed to know of his existence, so maybe it was a second rate idea, but it was the only one they had left.

"You do realize this is our only hope, Tiberius?" Aliya said coldly. "If we don't try it there is absolutely zero chance of our returning home? That means we're stuck here forever... am I getting through to you yet?"

"Yeah, I wasn't aware of that, thank you Captain Obvious. You're a huge help." Tiber quipped.

"Then, we'd better try it, dontcha think?"

"What happened to 'ohhh we gotta save the timeline it's soooo important!'? Do we just walk up to the man and say 'hey dude, we need help fixing our time machine! d'ya think you could take time out of your schedule to help us out? oh and by the way, that kid who looks and sounds exactly like you, he's just a random kid, no relation to you or anything.'. That's real discreet!"

"Well, it's better than being stuck here for the rest of our lives!"

"Right, I forgot, you've got parents to go home to."

"Tiber." Aliya sighed. "I know it's hard for you... you've just met your father, and you've never had that before. But, your mom loves you and she'd be devastated if you never came home."

"Wanna bet?" Tiber snapped. "Sorry." His head dropped into his hands like it was magnetized. "I shouldn't be taking this out on you guys. You've been amazing. I really don't deserve anything you've done for me, but I can't go back there." He seemed surprised as he said it, and stunned as he said it again, "I can't go back with you. I don't have a home to go back to."

There was pain in Aliya's eyes and Tiber hated himself intensely for putting it there, just as he hated himself for admitting that he no longer had a place to call home, that he was selfish enough to abandon that sad woman who'd poured her sorrows into raising him and who loved him somewhere deep inside of that booze filled heart. He owed so much but couldn't repay anything without owing more. It hurt, realizing that he'd had all of this inside without even knowing it, maybe he'd always felt homeless at home. Maybe he even felt at home here, even as he hated it.

"The stars are so beautiful." Aliya said, after they'd been silent a long time. Her big eyes were filled with the reflections of millions of little suns, in the dark of the abandoned observation deck. Her hands lay loose in her lap, within reach.

"Yeah. They really are." Tiber said.

The Time Traveler's Dad(s)- Part 2
Part 1


"Remind me again why I should care what you think?" Tiber didn't wait for an answer. "Right, aside from the fact that some incarnation of you fucked my mother."

Jim sighed, the child hadn't given him a chance to speak since the beginning of the mandatory "father son bonding" hour Bones had arranged. "I--"

"You're probably going to say that I have you to thank for my existence, but then consider the fact that nobody asked you to fuck my mother, and I certainly didn't ask for my existence--"

"Hey, listen---"

"In fact, the whole point of my coming here was to prevent you from fucking---"

"Would you stop using that--"

"No, as a matter of fact, I'll say it again, I don't even want to exist. I didn't ask for this. I'm not grateful to you for contributing to this---"

It might have gone on for a lot longer if it hadn't been for Spock. What would Jim do without Spock? Spock, who came to Jim's rescue by interrupting Tiber's tirade with a sensible "it is inappropriate to use such language", "please refrain from using profanities while speaking to the captain" or something equally passive aggressive and librarian-ish which Jim couldn't even attempt to replicate.

It was only after the hour was up an Jim left feeling fifty years older and tireder that McCoy showed himself. "Well, that went well." Jim sighed.

"The kid needs a psych evaluation." Bones agreed. "And a time out."

"And no wonder." Jim sighed again, less theatrically now. "He's been stuck with me for a father."

"Well, I wouldn't say he's been stuck with you. According to the kid he was raised by his mother."

Jim snorted. "Thanks, I feel so much better." They were back in the sick bay now, and McCoy was pouring a drink. "What shit father ditches his kid like that?"

"You died, Jim. There's a difference."

"But, is there really? After what happened to my dad don't you think I should have known better than to end up...--"

"Dead?" Bones offered.

"Dead, exactly. What kind of shit father dies and leaves his kid alone like that?" Jim took a swig of the drink and grimaced to McCoy's amusement. "What kind of shit... husband... goes off and gets himself killed like that?"

"What kind of shit physician would let him die?" Bones said, the humor gone from his voice.

Their eyes met for one intense moment, and then Jim looked away and laughed nervously to himself. "I think we'd better get some sleep."

"I'll drink to that." McCoy agreed.

Neither one of them slept a wink that night.


"Since when was Jesus Christ a curse word?" Tiber demanded, practically running to keep up with Spock's long stride.

"When used in certain context some people find the term offensive."

"This isn't the 21st century, Spock!"

"I did not imply---"

"The people who are offended by that are offended by gay people, does that mean I can't talk about gay people?"

"Tiberius Kirk!" McCoy intervened, earning a grateful nod from Spock. "Will you stop pestering the crew or do you want to spend the night in the brig?"

Now, Tiber turned on the doctor. "For what? You don't have the authority to lock me up anyway."

"Don't try me."

"Why do you even care if I pester Spock? You aren't even friends."

"You make a lot of assumptions, Kid." McCoy said. Now everyone in the hall was tuned into their conversation. "Would you keep your voice down?"

"You're the one yelling at me!" Tiber shouted.

McCoy looked unamused. "Shh, use your inside voice. Hasn't your mama ever taught you to use a goddamn inside voice?"

"Haven't you got anything better to do than follow me around? Aren't you a doctor or something?"

"I can't do my job when you're disrupting the entire crew."

"The sickbay is nowhere near me. Go do your job, Doctor." Tiber's voice dripped with sarcasm.

McCoy's face was purple with rage. "Why don't you use a little respect when you are talking to an adult?"

"You're not my mother!"

"AS A MATTER OF FACT I AM!" Epileptic with fury, Bones dropped the bomb.



"So, let me get this straight, you are genetically my mother?"

"The test came back positive."

"So, not only have you replaced my mother as far as your background goes, but if you are genetically her... and you're male?"

"Last time I checked."

"No sex change?"

"No!" McCoy covered his eyes in frustration. He'd been having this ridiculous conversation with Tiber for an hour, and no progress had been made.

"This is so weird..."

An explosion sounded through the sick bay, followed by a cloud of purple smoke. Father (mother?) and son stood gaping as a small girl emerged, her eyes fixed on Tiber.

"You idiot!" She said, poking an accusatory finger into Tiber's chest.

"...Well, hello to you too, Ali." Tiber said sheepishly.

"No, don't you 'Ali' me! You've been gone for a week!"

"But, I--"

"No, no, no, you let me finish!" She huffed. "I waited seven days for you. Seven days, and no word. You had me worried out of my mind, how was I supposed to know that you weren't blown up or trapped in the black without any life support? You told me you'd be back in an hour, but you've been gone 168 hours! I told your mother I'd have you home by seven... do you know what I had to tell your mother?! Exactly, how was I supposed to know either?! Sasha is in hysterics, and Gavin thinks you're dead!" She paused to take a breath. "And, now that I've found you you're sooooo dead."

Tiber seemed to have zoned out so the slap took him by surprise. "Ouch, what was that for?"

"Forget it!" She pulled him into a hug. "I was so worried you freaking idiot. I thought you were dead."

"I...missed...you too, Aliya...now...could you...leggo...so I can...breathe?"

"Oops, sorry. Vulcan strength. Sometimes I forget how weak and fragile you are, Tiber."

Tiber brushed himself off crossly. "Yeah, well. Remember next time. You coulda broken a rib there."

McCoy chose this moment to make his presence known by clearing his throat. "I'm sure you kids have got a lot to talk about, but would either of you mind filling me in on what the hell just happened?"

Aliya spun gracefully to face the doctor. "Hi, my name is Aliya Uhura. I'm a friend of Tiber's here...and what you just saw was the after effect of--"

"--Freaking vulcan magic. That's what." Tiber finished, earning himself a kick in the shin by a superior vulcan foot.

"I'm sorry, Tiberius doesn't understand the difference between science and magic. It's just too complex to explain, really."

"MY LEG!" Tiber yelped. "YOU FREAGING VULCAN--GAHH!" He was silence by a hypo to the neck.

"There, better now?" McCoy said in a kindergarten teacher impersonation, before turning to Aliya. "So, you're Aliya...I'm sorry, what was your last name?"

"Uhura." Aliya said, cheerily lifting a swooning Tiber onto a biobed before he could crack his skull open. "Nice to meet you. I'll explain this all later... first..." There was another explosion and from this emerged another child's form. "That'll be him now!"

"Freggen 'ell!" The boy was grinning like a fool and brushing ash out of his bright red hair. "I cannae believe it worked! They can kiss my scottish arse, it actually works!"

"Gaaaavvvv....Aliiiiiyyyyaaa...." Tiber groaned from the biobed.

"What happened to 'im?" Gavin said, eyes wide.

"Goddamn doctor...hypoed me."

"Serves you right, Tiber." Aliya snorted.

"Why what'd I do?"

"You're just... you." She said, earning a comical pout from her friend. "And, nice of you to drop in, by the way, Gavin. For a minute there I thought you were a no-show."

"Sorry about that, Aliya. I just got this great idea--"

"It's okay. You're not that late." Aliya glared at Tiber. "Actually, speaking of late, where's Sasha?"

"On her way, I expect."

"Great...just what we need." Tiber whined. "Another overemotional girl to--Ouch! Now what the hell was that for, Aliya?"

"You... just keep your mouth shut and let me handle things."

The next child appeared in the same manner as the first two, but she was a good three inches shorter than the other children. "Tiiiibbbeeerrr!" She shrieked, throwing her arms around the boy's neck. "I thought you were... d-dead!" She sobbed squeezing him like a garbage compressor. "Y-you should have told us y-you were g-going to be gone f-for s-s-so long! And you!" She rounded on Gavin. "You told me we'd g-go t-together!"

"Alright, calm down, Sasha. Don't hurt yourself." Aliya sighed, saving Gavin from a death by suffocation. "We've got to collect ourselves if we expect to figure things out."

Tiber seemed confused by this. "Figure what out? You have your teleportables don't you?"

"Yeah...about that... Gavin, would you care to explain?"

Gavin explained in many words, and Tiber understood only one out of ten things he said.

"Wait? So, you mean... we can't get back?" Tiber said, slowly.

"If I could just see a few dilithium crystals and...some other stuff I'm pretty sure I could rig something together--"

"Gavin, can we or can we not get back home...today?"


Tiber sighed. "Brilliant. Just...brilliant."

The Time Traveler's Dad(s)?
Titre: The Time Traveler's Dad
Rating: R-ish because that's my default.
Disclaimer: I don't own. You don't sue. :)
Summary: (This is totally out of order isn't it?) The enterprise has an unexpected guest who claims to be the son of Captain Kirk and his CMO... but, not only do said CMO and Captain have no idea who the boy is, but they're both also pretty sure that they are both male.

There was an explosion in the transporter room followed by a scream, a human scream to be precise. Scotty wasted only half an instant staring dumbfounded at the ship's unannounced visitor, before paging the doctor and seeing the unconscious body removed from the reach of the transporter's all out mechanical meltdown.


"You're not gonna believe this."

It wasn't like his CMO to not get straight to the point immediately, so Captain James T. Kirk figured this was worth hearing. "Try me."

"That kid," he gestured, spastic with excitement, in the child's direction, "is genetically almost certain to be your son."

That wasn't what Kirk was expecting. "Hold on... what?"

Someone let out an irritated breath, and Kirk spun around to find and smirk at his communications officer. "Seriously, Kirk, with your rep, I'm just surprised this is the first child you've fathered."

The grin broadened. "I'll take that as a compliment."

McCoy cleared his throat. "Jim, grow the fuck up, and pay attention. That kid, there, is your son. And we are light-years away from any port. How the hell did he wind up on this ship?"

"Well, that was easy." All eyes fell upon the pale child who was now sitting up on the bio bed. "The difficult part was getting past your shields. But, I had a little something for that." The child grinned, pulling out of his pocket something that resembled a flashlight. "Memorize the lay of the ship, find out when you'd be flying by, and that's all it took really. My mum always said you were never careful, but I didn't think it'd be that easy... guess I overestimated you, Captain." The kid followed that with a spot-on impression of Jim's self-satisfied grin just to complete the insult.

"Woah, woah, woah, what are you, like five?" That was the wrong thing to say, Jim realized, as the child's face hardened. "I mean, how did you get here? There's no docks within range of any transporter, and no ships with the technology to transport you aboard have been detected. How did you get here?"

"Did you...not...catch...anything I was saying?" The kid said, glaring in disgust. "And for a minute there I believed you were the genius everyone made you out to be. Guess that was naive on my part. What you should really be concerning yourself about is how I managed to transport myself through time itself onto your ship, not just space, but time. I wont even attempt to explain that. Anyway, how I got here doesn't even matter...now that I've found you."

There was an ominous note in the boy's voice that put McCoy on alert for trouble. The captain seemed to have missed the cue, however, as he only moved closer to the child, as if trying to get a better look at him.

"Who are you?" He said, at last.

"Your son. That grumpy old doctor told you as much." The boy sneered. "Don't you pay any attention to what's being said?"

"Well, that's a matter of opinion, but who are you really? I mean, I get that I'm your father, but don't you have a name or something?"

"Tiberius Kirk."

"No way, I actually called you--? I mean," Jim stopped, catching the doctor's eye. "that's... interesting. How old are you... Tiberius?"

"It wasn't your idea to call me Tiberius, actually, it was my mum's. You see, she was sentimental like that. But, you can call me Tiber, anyway, everyone calls me that. Oh, and to answer your question, I can't answer that. You see, technically now, I don't exist since I've gone back in time... and I'll admit my calculations were a bit off, but this will do anyway. All you have to do is point me to my mum so I can tell her never to shack up with the likes of you, and everything will be alright... I mean, I'll never be born, but that's part of the reason I'm here anyway."

"This is too weird... wait, so you're trying to make it so you're never born, what are you suicidal?" He'd said the wrong thing again. "I mean--"

"It's okay, Captain. Your question was justified. I suppose in a sense suicidal isn't an inaccurate description, as I am seeking to put a stop to my existence... but not by offing myself, but by preventing my birth from ever happening. So, in other words I will be altering the course of time in order to keep myself from ever existing... and also to save your life." Tiber hopped off the bio bed and headed for the nearest computer. "Computer, find location of--"

"Hey, I don't need saving. And, wait who's your mother?"

The boy frowned as the computer told him there was no such crew-member on board. "This can't be right... she was with you from the very start... she's the reason you are here at all... how can she not be in the records?"

"Who is she?"

"My mother, your best friend, you know the girl who sneaked you on the Enterprise, Lenore McCoy, your chief medical officer, that's who!"

There was silence in the room. Then, the CMO cleared his throat. "You must be mistaken, Kid, I'm the only Doctor McCoy on this ship and I am the one who snuck Jim onto the Enterprise. I don't know of any Lenore."

The kid looked at McCoy with suspicion. "Then, who threw up on the Captain on the transport shuttle to the academy?"

"You're looking at him." McCoy said, sounding somehow irritated and amused at the same time.

"This is all wrong..." Tiber's face creased in frustration. "This is all wrong, you aren't the right McCoy. What about your ex-spouse? Did you have a daughter before you met my dad."

"Yes... look, Kid, you seem to be under the impression that I'm in some kind of relationship with the Captain..."

"Yes, you are. Well, maybe not yet, but shut up, let me think." The resemblance was striking, the boy frowned and became Doctor McCoy in miniature. "I must have landed in the wrong reality...some kind of parallel universe. This is awkward... I guess I don't have to tell you anything then, so I'll just be off then..." He pulled out the flashlight again and pressed a button. Nothing happened. He swore, knocking the flashlight against the bio bed. "Come on, seriously, don't do this, come on, come on!" The flashlight sputtered and then shut off emitting a puff of black smoke. "No! You goddamned piece of quantum-mechanical crap!" He definitely resembled the doctor in a couple of ways.

"Are you... having trouble there?" The Captain guessed.

"You bet your Captaining ass there's something wrong... I'd be just fine if this stupid piece of crap would just...work!" After a moment Tiber gave up. "Well, it looks like I'm going to be here for a while longer than I'd expected..." He surveyed the room, before extending a hand and an unexpected smile. "Hi, I'm Tiberius David Kirk..."


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City from the Sky
"Wait, wait, wait. Let me get this straight. Scared of heights? Our fucking starship helmsman is scared of heights?!" If Jim's jaw dropped any lower it'd be hitting his toes. "Chekov, you are afraid of heights...?"

The boy shook his head furiously in denial. "I em not afraid, Keptin! Not et all!" He glared furiously at Sulu. Traitor. He seemed to project.

"Right...that would explain a lot."

"I em not afraid!" Pavel Chekov's voice had climbed two octaves. "I em not afraid!" He reached for Sulu's hand and pulled with surprising force for that thin young form. "Here, I will show you!" And he was off in the direction of the Zipper. The Zipper was one of those oblong Ferris-wheels with the flipping cages. Not the first choice for anyone wary of heights. The color drained from Pavel's face as the line shrank and he and Sulu neared the front.

"Pasha, are you sure you want to do this?" Sulu's understanding eyes met Pavel's.

"I em most certain." Pavel insisted his voice wavering slightly. "It is safe, no?"

"Yes, of course it is." Sulu said quickly, catching the true fear in his friend's eyes. "But, you know you don't have to do this just to prove Jim wrong. It's okay to have phobias, you know. Jim is scared of hypos, we all know that. Ask McCoy."

"I know... but, this is different." Pavel said, shivering as the ride ended. It was their turn. He shot a glance back in Kirk's direction, just to be sure that he was watching. "I em ready."

Pavel's knees were shaking as the cage closed.  "Pasha." Sulu whispered, but Pavel refused to face him. His jaw was set in determination. He was too cute, really, but Sulu knew his friend's terror. The ride started and soon they were flipping and falling. A string of Russian curses erupted from Pavel's lips. By the time the ride was over Pavel had effectively glued himself to Sulu's body, clinging for dear life.

"We heard you from out here!" Kirk announced. "Pavel, your voice carries."

"Permission to speak freely Captain?" Sulu said, stiffly, cradling a shaking Pavel as Kirk bent over laughing.

"Granted." Jim rubbed his eyes and laughed some more.

"Fuck. You."


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